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              Alias trimethylsilyl N-trimethylsilylacetamidate; DYNASYLAN BSA; NO-Bis (trimethylsilyl) acetamide; BSA; trimethylsilyl N-(trimethylsilyl)ethanimidoate; trimethylsilyl (1E)-N-(trimethylsilyl)ethanimidoate; Bis trimethyl silyl acetamide
              CAS RN 10416-59-8
              EINECS No. 233-892-7
              Molecular formula C8H21NOSi2
              Molecular weight 203.43738
              Content >99.0%
              Structural formula  
              Risk terminology R10; R14; R22; R34;
              Safety terminology S26; S30; S36; S43A; S7/8;
              Properties Appearance: Colorless liquid
              Property: Colorless to light yellow liquid, inflammable, corrosive, toxic
              Use It can be used in the production of cephalosporin drugs;
              BSA product is important pharmaceutical intermediate, it is mainly used in the production of cephalosporin antibiotics.
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