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              Sulfuryl chloride
              Alias sulphuryl dichloride; sulphuryl chloride; Sulfuric oxychloride; sulfuryl dichloride; sulfuric chloride
              CAS RN 7791-25-5
              EINECS No. 232-245-6
              Molecular formula SCl2O2
              Molecular weight 134.9698
              Structural formula
              Content  ≥98%
              Properties Property Colorless liquid with strong irritating odor.
              Melting point -54.1℃ 
              Boiling point 69.1℃ 
              Relative density 1.6674 
              Solubility Soluble in benzene and acetic acid, etc.
              Function and use

              Used in organic synthesis, medicine, dye, pesticide, etc. It can also be used as surfactant

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